Hackers steal credit card numbers and billing addresses of Ticketmaster customers in Germany free RSS feed from Security Park

Hackers have stolen credit card numbers and billing addresses of 66,000 customers who purchased tickets with a credit card from the Kartenhaus.de website between October 2006 and September 2007. Kartenhaus is based in Hamburg and sells a wide range of tickets for shows throughout Germany as well as artist merchandise, music and videos.

Ticketmaster, the parent company, advised customers to "check your credit card bills as soon as possible to identify any irregularities or abuse".

Paul Davie, founder of Secerno, commented "It is even unlikely that the sort of authentication and encryption solutions required by PCI compliance would have done anything to stop this breach. This just goes to prove the importance of proactive security and predefined policies that can understand the normal behaviour of those accessing the database, and allow intelligent anomaly protection. New technologies exist to enable this and should be adopted without delay."


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