Made to pay more for using credit card

While the developing world is moving towards a modern cashless society, Malaysia seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Many of us own credit cards. However, try using the credit card and you will be in for a shock.

Supermarkets insist that you must spend a minimum of RM80 before you can pay by card. So, you are forced to buy things that you might not need.

Travel agencies charge an extra 3% if you pay by credit card. Just imagine that if you were to buy two tickets to London: you will risk your life by carrying with you RM10,000 or paying an extra RM300.

The worst of such extortion happened when I went to Hospital Putra in Malacca. My visit to the specialist cost me RM350. I wanted to pay by credit card but I was told that I had to pay an extra 10%. Is this reasonable?


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