Tips to help you avoid credit card fraud

  • Don't carry credit cards you don't use and never leave them unattended in a purse, briefcase or wallet.
  • Always make sure you get your credit card receipt because it just may include your credit card number. Never toss it in a public trash bin. You'll need that receipt later anyway to tally things up when your statement arrives.
  • Shred all documents that might include your credit card number before disposing of them - old slips, credit card statements, bills, anything.
  • Never give your number over the phone to someone that you do not know. It's OK if you initiate the call but if you get a call at home from anyone that you do not know by name do not give them your credit card number.
  • Never respond to an e-mail asking for your number, no matter how official or legitimate it looks. These bogus e-mails are the #1 fraud right now on the Internet.
  • Review your monthly statement as soon as it comes and report any problems right away. To insure your rights, follow-up by filing a written complaint form.
  • If using a bank card where you have the option to use credit or debit, ALWAYS USE THE CREDIT OPTION as this may prevent the skimmer device from accessing your four digit pin number.

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