Home detention for credit card fraud

A woman who caused considerable embarrassment to her employer by using customers’ credit card information, received six months home detention and 150 hours community work in the Christchurch District Court.

Roseana Jasmine McCormack, an unemployed 22-year-old, had admitted charges of dishonestly using a document to obtain more than $40,000 by handing on credit card information to other persons.

She had obtained the information from payment transactions where she worked.

The extent of the loss was considerable and lasted over two years, said Judge Stephen Erber at her sentencing on Friday.

Defence counsel Serina Bailey said McCormack was starting a new job on Monday, with an employer who knew about the offending.

The pre-sentence report assessed her as a low risk of offending, and she had co-operated with the police.

McCormack was ordered to pay $25,000 towards the reparations, in $40 weekly instalments.


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