NCCC calls for newguidelined to curb credit card fraud

KUALA LUMPUR: TheNational Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) has urged Bank Negara to introduce new guidelines for banks to curb credit card fraud.

NCCC chiefexecutive, Muhammad Sha ’aniAbdullah, said the number of cases involving credit card fraud and loss of credit cards at pump stations nationwide exceeded 1,000 last year compared to 809 in 2007. "For example, fraud cases at pump stations happen because there are no security characteristics when users pay using credit cards.

"They only need to swipe without entering pin numbers or passwords.

Hence, people can easily use credit cards belonging to others without any confirmation or passwords when maldng transactlons7 he told reporters here yesterday.

He said banks should require their customers to use passwords when maldng credit card trasactions at pump stations, online and on the phone. Sha ’ani said Bank Negara should also disallow a third party from applying for credit cards on the behalf of others.

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