Pakistani credit card fraudsters nabbed

Police have arrested eight alleged credit card fraudsters who they say stole almost Dh180,000 (US$49,000) from bank customers.

Brig Musa Yousuf al Naqbi, director of the criminal investigation department at Sharjah Police, said a bank employee had given the Pakistani gang confidential information on clients, which they then used to make credit card purchases. They bought Dh110,000 of jewellery and withdrew Dh68,000 in cash using this method, he said.

Having got a customer’s details, the gang would then phone the bank’s call centre, change their registered phone number to stop the victim being alerted by text message and report the card stolen. They would then use fake IDs to collect the replacement cards and start withdrawing the money in large sums and buying expensive items, said Brig al Naqbi.

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