Petrol Station Fraud

Customers at a busy petrol station have been questioned after an investigation was launched into credit card fraud.

A number of customers using the Shell garage on the Chatham-bound carriageway of Blue Bell Hill are believed to have fallen victim to card cloning.

It is not yet known how many customers have been affected. Some motorists have found withdrawals from their accounts have been made across the world, including Thailand, Malaysia, India and Canada.

Shell is now working with Kent Police and banks to investigate the matter and resolve it quickly.

One motorist, who did not want to be named, said: “I have been contacted by my bank because I have had two of my credit cards cloned. One has been used to try to withdraw cash in Thailand but the transaction was unsuccessful.

“On the other card there have been seven attempts to draw money out in Malaysia over the space of three or four days. Four of these were successful, totalling about £400.”

Det Sgt Dave Liffen of Kent Police said: “An investigation has begun into the compromise of payment cards with the full co-operation of the management at the service station concerned, and the relevant financial institutions."

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