Two People Accused For Credit Card Information

Two people accused of stealing a man’s credit card information while he was eating at a local restaurant are behind bars.

March 31 at 11:02 a.m. Douglas Washington reported to police he lost his credit card at Ryan’s Restaurant, located just off Highway 45 North in Columbus, according to reports from the Columbus Police Department.

Washington told police when he called his credit card company to cancel the card the company told him four purchases were made using the card; he had not authorized the transactions. The card was used at the Shoe Department, Sports Addition, Wal-Mart and Kmart. The credit card company also told him someone attempted to use the card at Tina Watkins 45 store, located at 712 Highway 45 N. in Columbus. Washington contacted the store, and the store clerk supplied him with a description of the person who used the card. The person in question was described as a white female wearing the uniform of a Ryan’s server.

Washington told police he had been waited on by Tina Gaspar, 40, of 511 Lehmberg Road in Columbus. Gaspar was arrested Tuesday by the CPD on one count felony credit card fraud, intent to defraud.

Further investigation by Washington turned up two credit card receipts from a purchase made using his card at the Shoe Department. Police believe the purchases were made by Chase Adam Fields, 22, of 280 Thaxton Road in Columbus. He was arrested Wednesday on one count felony credit card fraud, intent to defraud.

Bond for Gaspar was set at $2,500. No bond or court hearing has yet been set for Fields.

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